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And the Journey Begins

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Welcome to The Runaway Dilettante! I feel like this first entry holds so much expectation to be enticing and to give people a solid understanding of what to expect from my blog. I can already feel the pressure, but I will do my best to satisfy your expectations and give you a glimpse into what you will be able to read on these pages in the future.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, not only because I love writing but also because it’s such a personal expression of yourself, so the fact that this is actually happening is both exciting and surprising – I say surprising because I had been talking about starting a blog for a long while but had never actually gathered up the initiative and done it!

Beyond my lack of get-up-and-go to start this project, one of the primary reasons I hadn’t begun a blog is because I simply could not figure out what to blog about. Many people have told me that – in blogs and in life generally – you should find something specific that interests you and then become an expert in that one field. This has not only caused me grief in trying to develop a focus for my blog but also in trying to find a suitable and satisfying career.

After much tribulation, however, I have finally come to terms with the reality that such a method is simply not me; I like to dabble a little bit in everything and seek out new adventures in a variety of places. Perhaps this constant sampling means that I haven’t found my true passion yet, in which case maybe this blog will help me discover it.  But until then, consider this blog a small taste in everything that interests me, and I hope my explorations can inspire you, enlighten you, or at the very least help you enjoy wasting some time every now and then.

Now look at me, I set out trying to inform you on what to expect and I basically just told you to expect anything and everything.  I must apologize in advance, therefore, for the lack of direction that I hope will be sorted out over the coming weeks. Since I cannot give you piece of mind as to what to expect, just think of every week as being a little surprise, a burst of content from whatever inspired me at the time, from books and music to my latest favourite recipe to crafting ideas to workouts that make me sweat.

Before I go I feel like my blog title deserves a bit of an explanation. After discovering the word dilettante, I latched onto it as a relatively accurate describer of my lifestyle. A dilettante is someone who performs an activity, particularly in the arts, for amusement and in an amateur or non-professional manner. In my case, however, my activities expand far beyond the arts and into health and fitness, cooking, and sports to name a few. Not only that, but I sometimes feel like a chicken with its head cut off (pardon the cliche), delving into hobbies from every which area with no particular sense of focus. With that in mind, The Runaway Dilettante seemed both an appropriate and motivational name.

So there it was, my first entry. Phew, I hope I did OK. Anyway, thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I look forward to dilettante-ing with you!


One thought on “And the Journey Begins

  1. Beautifully written, my love! I look forward to reading more in the coming months. We can embark on this blogging journey together xoxo

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