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My Reading Break Pledge


wet phone

If, like me, you’re in the dark on what to do with a wet cellphone, this picture will link you to the wikiHow 12-step solution to saving your mobile device!

Hello again! How was all of your weeks? I hope it was a little better than mine. In a rush to get to my class on Tuesday, I left my common sense at home and may have dropped my phone in a toilet. Yup, that was as embarrassing to say as I feared it would be, nonetheless it is unfortunately true. My common sense continued to evade me as I attempted to turn it on (multiple times) after drying it with some toilet paper, which apparently is a big no-no.  After returning home 4 hours later and doing my research, I realized my mistakes and attempted to rectify them by letting the phone sit in rice overnight, but sadly my phone was never the same again; that is to say, it would sporadically turn on, then do some crazy things on its own before turning off again. So I am now using my old pink Keybo (think junior high girly flip phone) while Telus tries to figure out if my water-damaged phone is repairable or if I’ll have to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy a new one. It put quite a damper on my week, being the poor university student I am, and I apologize for the mini rant here but that was actually quite therapeutic, so thank you for bearing with me.

Anyway, besides my phone mis-hap it was just a matter of pushing through this last week of school before reaching my reading break, which has now arrived! With that in mind, I decided I wanted to be productive this time around and not head back to school next Monday wondering what I did (or more appropriately, didn’t) do during my break. This post will hopefully be a reminder of the list of things I want to accomplish, and hopefully it will inspire you a little bit of the things you want to do during your break, or even just in your regular week!

1) Organize all the “stuff” in my life. I think that’s something we all have somewhere on our figurative or real to-do lists because we all have so much stuff that collects over time and gets thrown into piles to be dealt with when we’re feeling more empowered or less tired. Specifically for me, I have stacks of course notes that desperately need some sorting attention, and piles of clothes that need space in my closet or need to be sorted through and simplified (I keep reassuring myself that I’ll wear those tops I haven’t put on in a year, I think it’s time for a reality check).

2) Read. It sounds obvious, but this reading break actually requires me to catch up on my class readings that I’ve been starting to fall behind on. This also includes getting going on assignments and term papers that I’m determined not to procrastinate on this semester.

I’m really hoping I can give myself the time to read for personal reasons as well. I love reading novels (J.K. Rowling’s newest book, “Casual Vacancy”, is anxiously sitting on my shelf waiting to be delved into), but this seems to be the first activity to go when my life starts to get busy. I hope I can remind myself of this enjoyment this coming week.

3) Apply for Co-op Jobs. As an inspiring future professional, getting your foot in the door and making connections is a huge part of establishing a career post-college. To help myself do this, I applied for the Co-operative Education program at my university. For those who don’t know, this program trains you in the basics of professional job applications and provides you with job-openings from real businesses that are willing to take on students and give them the experience they need to begin to prepare for their future careers. I’ve been applying to jobs for the past two weeks and want to use the free time I have during reading break to apply to many more and hopefully land some interviews.

And last but not least:

4) Take time for myself. My hair has been growing untrimmed since last September; my eyebrows are screaming for a little TLC; my nails deserve a bit of polish and shine; and I overall want to take the time to make myself feel refreshed. We all get so caught up in all of our responsibilities that we find ourselves running out of oomph without realizing that we had focused all of our attention on things external to us and not enough time on ourselves. While my situation isn’t that extreme yet, I still look forward to taking some time for me in the coming week.

So there’s my list, I’d say it seems quite reasonable don’t you? A little bit of focus on every aspect of my life that needs some attention, with a little time left over for some fun (my two best girlfriends and I have a breakfast and gym-going date planned that I am beyond excited for!). While I attempt to cross each one of these items off my list, I hope you all have an equally productive and successful reading break, accomplishing those things that you’ve been waiting to find the time for. At the very least, I hope you all take some time for yourself this week to rejuvenate and give yourself some well-deserved attention; it will undoubtedly also motivate you to tackle life with a renewed sense of motivation.


This is how I imagine my perfect break. Perhaps some day, sigh.

Happy Reading Break!


2 thoughts on “My Reading Break Pledge

  1. Hehe I like the use of your list, my love! Such handy little devices, aren’t they? ;)

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