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The Best Smoothies in Town!

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Hello all! I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your special someone or special friends or special pet. I mean since when did Valentine’s Day become all about couples? As far as I can see it’s about appreciating those you love, and there’s no doubt that I love my dogs, so that seems legitimate enough. It was actually a double celebration for me as my family celebrated my sister’s 18th birthday, so I definitely had a nice time.

The closing out of this week also unfortunately means the end of my reading break, but with all the time I had for myself (remember #4 of my Reading Break Pledge) I decided to make smoothies – lots and lots of smoothies. And because I loooove smoothies and want to share this love with all of you, I’ve compiled my favourite recipes for you to try out!


I love my Magic Bullet =)

Plus, what’s great is that you can just pick a recipe and then add whatever health additions you like – your flaxseed, hemp seed, chia seed, protein powder, vitamins, and well you get the idea. I love to add my ground flaxseed because it’s a great way to get it without having to bake a batch of muffins. So I hope you get to try them out and let me know what you think!

Before I give out the good stuff, though, I’d just like to introduce you to my smoothie-making wonder-machine, the Magic Bullet. I think many people have come to know by now how incredibly convenient and easy it is, and I think it’s particularly useful for smoothies; just throw your ingredients in and blend it for 15-20 seconds and you’re done. Then throw it all in the dishwasher and repeat. It couldn’t be easier. So grab your Magic Bullet or your trusty blender, and let’s get smoothie-making!

Raspberry Orange Banana

ROB Recipe

This next one is definitely my favourite, not only because it tastes so good but because it includes spinach..and still tastes so darn good!

Strawberry Banana Spinach

SBS Recipe

So the next one was probably my most innovative attempt, but I think it turned out really good! The lime juice is a final kick of flavour that brings out the kiwi while still having that classic strawberry-banana taste.

Strawberry Kiwi Lime

SKB Recipe

Last but not least, kale is one of those super-foods so I had to figure out how to make a kale smoothie that didn’t taste like a salad. For those that enjoy their smoothies sweet and classic, perhaps this won’t be your new favourite, but I am super excited to now have a kale smoothie recipe that packs all the nutrition with a yummy taste. Now the only tricky part about this one is that you need to blend the kale, yogurt and milk first before adding the rest of the ingredients to ensure you don’t get kale chunks in your smoothie (yes, I speak from experience, kale chunks are no good).

Blueberry Banana Kale

BBK Recipe

There you go! Four delicious smoothie recipes that I really hope you get to try out and enjoy. At any rate, I had a lot of fun concocting these so that’s what really matters right?

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day and have a wonderful week!


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