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Eat Your Seeds!

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heart in seeds

Happy Easter Sunday! I assume that you all, like me, have enough chocolate now to last until Halloween? I’m pretty sure I’ll be pawning off most of mine to my sister. A busy Easter weekend has also meant little time to prepare this post, and the fact that there is actually sun and warmth outside today means that this post will be, well, lets say economical. =) Continue reading


The Dish on Homemade Scrubs

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Hello again! So this past week I was doing some beauty research, and this is what got me thinking about the importance of exfoliating regularly and my need to begin doing it. Continue reading

Living for Now

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This week’s post is a little different from the usual, but recently it has had an effect on my life so I wanted to share it with you. Over the past month I have known two people that have passed away suddenly and well before their time. They were not people that I was personally close to, but they were people that I knew and that were close to my family and friends. Dealing with someone’s passingĀ and watching the ones you love deal with the pain that goes along with saying goodbye is difficult, and it is a testament to how truly precious life is. Continue reading

My Pilates Resources

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Happy Sunday everyone, did you all jump your clocks ahead an hour this morning? While losing an hour out of the day isn’t ideal, I’m so excited because it means that darkness is postponed for another hour and that feeling that summer is slowly approaching is beginning to emerge. Unfortunately, most of that extra daylight just means it takes longer until I have to turn on extra lights in the house while I sit and write the truckload of essays and assignments I have to complete before the end of the term. Continue reading

The Power of Motivation Boards

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Welcome to March everyone! I know everyone says this, but I can’t believe we’re already onto our third month of 2013, like seriously, where did the last two months go? The good news for me, however, is that this means that I’m over halfway through this semester and summer is approaching! But before that happens I still have to get through all of my assignments, not to mention the relentless rain that is spring on the West Coast, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Continue reading