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The Power of Motivation Boards

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Welcome to March everyone! I know everyone says this, but I can’t believe we’re already onto our third month of 2013, like seriously, where did the last two months go? The good news for me, however, is that this means that I’m over halfway through this semester and summer is approaching! But before that happens I still have to get through all of my assignments, not to mention the relentless rain that is spring on the West Coast, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The third month of the year also means that we are two months into keeping with our goals from the new year. I had said that I didn’t believe in new year’s resolutions, but rather in specific and sincere lifestyle goals that are motivated by an internal ambition and not by the allure of a new year. That being said, this past new year provided a convenient time to begin the journey towards my own goal of being able to do the splits in one year – and so far I’ve been keeping on track! – by doing at least 10 minutes of stretching each day.

But in order to keep this up for the rest of the ten months of the year I wanted an extra boost of motivation, SO, I decided to make a motivation board! It was a perfect way to get a little crafty while creating a display that will keep me on track. And I have to say, having the visual there has really amped up the drive to achieve this goal.

My main focus in making this motivation board was to mix a bunch of different elements together to create a visually-appealing layout that I would want to look at. This meant including some inspiring pictures of what I want to achieve, a copy of my stretching routine, and some motivational quotes:

“Yesterday you said tomorrow”


“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”

I think both of these quotes are great for my particular goal, but would also apply to really any other goal! You’ll also notice there’s a tape measure hung up, which you also probably guessed is to measure my progress. But I didn’t just want to take constant measurements and try and remember them; I wanted them to become another source of motivation that I could look at based on my improvement. So, I printed out little monthly calendars and taped them up, and at the end of each month I measure how far I am off the ground when doing my best version of the splits and write it across the month. That way, I can see my progress as it happens!


I love having a motivation board. Whenever I walk into my room I see it and it makes me excited that I am moving towards my goal. I did some research as well and noticed that many people like to make them for their exercising goals or healthy-eating plans. And on top of it all, they are super fun to make and you get to choose to include only what is meaningful to you!

I really REALLY encourage all of you to make one of these boards for your special goal. Many people say that writing down your goal makes it more likely that you’ll achieve it, so imagine how much an entire display will make it more likely that you’re successful? You don’t even have to put it on a whiteboard; you can place it on a poster-board, on your fridge, or make it digitally and place it as your desktop background.

Do any of you have motivation boards? Or what other goals do you have that you think would benefit from a motivation board? Let me know! And have a wonderful week =)


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