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Happy Sunday everyone, did you all jump your clocks ahead an hour this morning? While losing an hour out of the day isn’t ideal, I’m so excited because it means that darkness is postponed for another hour and that feeling that summer is slowly approaching is beginning to emerge. Unfortunately, most of that extra daylight just means it takes longer until I have to turn on extra lights in the house while I sit and write the truckload of essays and assignments I have to complete before the end of the term.

With school keeping me a little too busy for my liking, I have less time for the things I would much prefer to do, including creating crafts and food and goodies for this blog. That is all to say that this week’s post is fairly simple to accommodate my school-laden schedule, but nevertheless is hopefully still worthwhile.

Pilates is a large part of what keeps me sane and reduces stress when I’m feeling overloaded with work, and so I thought it was time to share the two Pilates sites that I get  virtually all of my workouts and inspiration from. Both of these resources are absolutely amazing, and absolutely free! Of course you have the option to purchase some of their products and offerings and are given access to even more content, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and there is definitely enough content to fulfill your workout craving whenever you want.


The first site that I came across was Tone It Up at toneitup.com, and it has been my faithful workout resource for over a year now. Karena and Katrina are the super sweet and encouraging founders of the site and bring the sunshine and beaches of California to us every day of the year. Their workouts are challenging but achievable, and they all come in awesome printable formats that you can take with you to the gym or elsewhere. They also regularly post delicious and healthy recipes, but if you want even more you can purchase their Nutrition Plan and get a lifetime guide to eating right the Tone It Up way. Ultimately, though, it’s their bubbly personalities and satisfying workouts (not to mention their awesome bods!) that make me a huge fan of this site. I usually go to their YouTube channel over their actual site when I want workouts because the content is much easier to search through that way, and Karena’s summer arms workout is my go-to when I want a quick and effective arm workout.


The second site that I use is Blogilates at blogilates.com. Cassey Ho is an insanely motivating and insanely fit bubble of energy, and her workouts are super challenging, but that’s what I love about it. When I began visiting her site just under a year ago, I couldn’t complete any of her workouts without having to stop and take a break – it was crazy! But after much practice I can now get through most of them and it feels super rewarding. Cassey teaches you to love the burn, following her motto “Train Insane or Remain the Same”, and her constant encouragement makes it easier to push yourself. She also makes these awesome challenge workouts that are usually around only 5 minutes long but that are super intense and really get your heart rate up. Her workouts also come in printables, and she really promotes super clean eating and posts recipes that are her take on classics (such as pancakes or ice cream) but using only 2 or 3 ingredients. Her long, lean legs workout is one of my favourites, and now that I can finally get through the whole thing I enjoy doing it even more haha.

So those are my two go-to resources for Pilates, and there is so much content between the two of them that I’m always able to find the right workout I want. Do any of you use these sites already? If not, I encourage you to try them out! They make Pilates amazingly fun and super effective, and you can pair together the videos you want to make your workouts as short or long as you want.

Have a great week and enjoy doing your Pilates!


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