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The Dish on Homemade Scrubs

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Hello again! So this past week I was doing some beauty research, and this is what got me thinking about the importance of exfoliating regularly and my need to begin doing it.

Here’s a disturbing fact: we (yes, including you) shed anywhere from 30,000 – 50,000 skin cells per minute! Gross. And many of these cells don’t fall off the body but rather build up and clog our pores. Exfoliating gets rid of these dead skin skills to reveal the newer cells underneath, which is why you get that desirous effect of “glowing skin”. Exfoliating can also improve many skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, and dry skin.

So exfoliation is important, but why does it have to be so expensive?! I recently found out about the Moroccanoil Body Buff, and was quite excited until I found out it was $42.00. As if I have $42.00 just kicking around to purchase a dead-skin-cell-removing-cream in an attractive bottle. So instead I put on my frugalista thinking cap and thought, why can’t I make my own exfoliating scrub?

The Internet is teeming with homemade body scrub recipes, so I set out to try a number of different scrubs and have the recipes and feedback  all here for you! After trying them all, I made a large batch of my favourite (get to the end to find out which one it is!) and put it in a jar. I then prettied it up and altogether it cost me a measly 2.75!! Now that’s just awesome if I do say so myself.

And guess what? I made my first printable for you! I made the label for the jar myself and figured out how to make it available to you so when you make your own favourite scrub you can pretty it up too with just the click of a button! So click here to download it if you want. =)

And now enough chatter, here’s the scoop:IMG_2577

First off, the two special products that I purchased for this experiment was (liquid) coconut oil and lavender oil. As I understand, coconut oil is better because its naturally antibacterial and is an excellent moisturizer, and lavender essential oil just smells so good and is an easy way to make your homemade scrub more luxurious and nice-smelling.

And this served as the base for some of these recipes:

Simple Sugar Scrub

1 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup oil

8 drops of lavender oil

For economic purposes I used grapeseed oil here because my bottle of coconut oil was pretty small, but other than that just mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and you’re good to go!

Simple Salt Scrub

1 cup salt

1/2 cup oil

8 drops of lavender oil

Now this recipe is arguably almost identical to the sugar scrub, but salt can be a bit harsher on the skin so I wanted to test them both out to see for myself.

Basic Lip Scrub

1 tbsp sugar

2 tsp coconut oil

a few drops of vanilla extract

You’ll notice that this recipe uses vanilla instead of an essential oil, and that’s because vanilla adds a nice scent but also makes it an entirely edible (and yummy!) scrub.

Tomato Scrub

1/4 cup sugar

chopped tomato (approx. 3 tbsp)

2 tbsp yogurt

Now I know this sounds strange, and believe me it was strange because it had chunks of tomato sitting in it and it kind of looked and smelled like a parfait, but it’s supposed to be better for areas with thinner skin and for sensitive skin, so bear with me.

Gentle Banana Scrub

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp sugar

1/4 tsp vanilla (or 4-5 drops of lavender oil)

Now I didn’t adhere to the “ripe” part and paid the price when I tried to mash the banana with a  fork, so I suggest ensuring your banana is ripe. As for its purpose, this recipe is also supposed to be more gentle than a salt or sugar scrub so I wanted to compare this one to the tomato version.

So here’s what I ended up with after making all 5 of these recipes (you can probably see what I mean by the tomato scrub looking a little weird):


Then it was off to the shower. I used the sugar scrub on my arms and legs, the salt scrub on my feet, the lip scrub, well, on my lips, the tomato scrub on my face, and the banana scrub on my stomach, chest and neck. Now that’s a full-body exfoliation.

I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward applying them all in one session, and the tomato scrub confused me because the chunks would only rub on my face for a bit before falling to the floor, but it’s just one of the sacrifices that I am willing to make for you guys. Haha.

Now, the results!

Basic Lip Scrub: I was actually really impressed at how soft it made my lips! Prior to using it my lips were fairly dry and had those undesirable flaking pieces, and this scrub took it all away, made my lips feel super soft and moisturized because of the oil, and tasted delicious!

       The Verdict: Use!

Simple Sugar Scrub: Soft, soft, silky soft. That’s really all I need to say, and it felt so nice massaging it into my skin, like when you rub sand onto your legs when you’re on the beach. The only thing is that my sister felt my skin afterwards and said it felt “sticky”, and I think she was referring to the effect of the oil, much like right after you rub in moisturizer, but this could make me consider adding a little less oil next time.

       The Verdict: Use!

Simple Salt Scrub: It definitely made my feet softer, but it did feel a little bit harsher than the sugar scrub (although an emphasis on the little).

       The Verdict: Sure, you can use it

Gentle Banana Scrub: This one definitely felt gentler, like rubbing your body with a cream instead of sand, but overall I was less impressed with the results. While it did make my skin softer than it was before, the lowered sugar meant less exfoliation, and the use of banana instead of oil meant less of a moisturizing effect.

        The Verdict: Sorry, not worth it

Tomato Scrub: I’m still a little conflicted with this one. Making it was messy, and applying it even messier, but I actually liked it better than the banana scrub in terms of using it as a gentler alternative. I can’t tell you how, but it did make my face feel soft (although not as soft as the salt or sugar scrub) and moisturized.

       The Verdict: Umm use it if you need a gentle exfoliator, but be prepared to get messy.

So which one was my favourite? It’s the sugar scrub! It’s super simple, super easy to apply, and had the best results for my skin. One BIG piece of advice, however: shave before, NOT after, you exfoliate. My razor took a beating as I tried to shave after I had exfoliated and had oil on my legs. Learn from my mistake.IMG_2605

So there you go! That’s the dish on homemade scrubs. I now have my sugar scrub ready to go in my jar and can exfoliate at a very affordable price. So long as it doesn’t irritate your skin, you can exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and soft.

Let me know if you try these out and which one was your favourite!

Happy scrub-making. =)


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