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It’s Fascinator Time – DIY

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flower show

Hello all! So I had a neat experience yesterday: I was modelling hats and fascinators with my best friend Danielle Scheven (she has her own blog on her entrepreneurial musings, you know – check it out here!) at our annual community flower show (yes, we have an event all about flowers – welcome to the country). I got to see and wear some gorgeous head-wear,  and well it inspired me! So I headed to the nearest Michaels afterwards to buy the materials to make my own fascinator!

Needless to say, it was a bit like taking a stab in the dark because I have virtually no experience with this kind of designing, but I had a rough idea of what I thought I wanted it to look like so I just went for it and figured if I go step by step I can make it look like how I pictured it in my mind.

And lo and behold, by the end I was actually quite pleased with it (imagine that, haha) and I can’t wait for an occasion to come up where I can wear it!



This was really just a crafting experiment that might inspire some of you to make your own fascinator or favourite craft, but I broke the process down for you as well so you can see how I created it if you so choose. =)


The materials were perhaps the most important part. From there you can create and change whatever you want, but you have to have the goods! I found the gorgeous flowers, leopard-inspired feathers, and pearl beads at Michaels. The lace-y material is literally a doily that I picked up at a dollar store along with the headband, and luckily I already had the netting mesh at home.

Who ever said you need fancy, expensive materials to make something pretty?!


It’s a handy little tool!

Perhaps the strangest part of the process was when I had to pull out the shop tools. I had to cut the mesh from a big roll, and was worried about the edges fraying and it all falling apart, so with the help of my dad’s expertise he gave me his soldering gun so I could melt the ends down a bit to keep the mesh intact. Never would have thought I’d be using heavy duty equipment to build this dainty little fascinator.

Anyway the process of constructing it after that was quite simple. I began by folding the ends of the netting piece into the middle so I ended up with a bow-like piece, and glued them in place using a hot glue gun.


I then folded the doily accordion-style and glued it onto the headband layer by layer as the base for the fascinator.


Next I glued on the netting piece, and then the beads.



And lastly I glued on the feathers and flowers and had my very own (and very chic) fascinator.  =)


Ta da!


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