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Refresh! Infused Waters to Beat the Heat


IMG_2876Hello everyone! How was all of your weekends? I can only hope that you had as much of the beautiful sunshine as I did. It was the first weekend of real sun and hot temperatures for us and I absolutely loved it! So in the spirit of summer weather, I decided that today was the day to set up our volleyball net for the season.

With the hot weather approaching, staying hydrated is a must. The problem? Sometimes plain old water just doesn’t seem to quite cut it. The solution? Infused water! I’ve wanted to test them out for a long time and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I grabbed all the fruit and fresh herbs I had in the fridge and set out experimenting.



You can really combine whatever you want together, but if you need a little inspiration I’ve listed my favourites below with the ingredients. It’s the perfect way to refresh yourself on a hot day with natural ingredients, plus it looks pretty cool too. =)

blueberry orange  cucumber mint

(Pssst..this next one’s my favourite!)

strawberry kiwi citrus punchwatermelon mint

And you want to know the best part about these drinks? You can just refill them again and again and the flavours will continue to infuse into the water, and in the end you can grab a fork and eat the fruit!

It’s the perfect, delicious way to combat the heat. Hope you have fun creating your own infused water, and have a wonderful week dilettantes!


3 thoughts on “Refresh! Infused Waters to Beat the Heat

  1. I make a lot of these and was planning on posting something similar, but this looks great, so… Well done. :-)

    By the way, I sometimes add spices – like cracked cardamon pods or fennel seeds – to the water. It adds a lovely flavor and aroma. :-)

    • Glad you liked it! And spices sounds like a really awesome idea; I’ll be sure to try that out =) Thanks for commenting!

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