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Mother’s Day Crafting

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Happy Mothers Day! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family today and spoiled your mothers with love and little favours (my mom was so happy just because we did the morning dishes for her). I am so blessed that I still have all four grandparents alive and well, and so today we celebrated three mothers and two grandmothers at our house. And of course a Mothers Day would not be complete without gifts and cards, so I got to break out the stamping supplies and get a little creative.

Even though I’ve been crafting for many years, I’m still learning lessons, and I learned a few today so I thought I would share them with you as I share my creations:

IMG_2941Lesson 1: There are no mistakes, only opportunities for creativity (i.e. roll with it)

See the canvas background pattern on this card? Well it’s a stamp that I used, and was supposed to fully cover the green card stock, but alas I goofed when I was applying the stamp and it turned out, well, like you see. Because of a lack of card stock there was no option for a re-do, and so I had a moment of heart-sinking “oh no”. But the mantra of all crafters  (or at least what I think should be) is the first lesson.

Never look at anything as a mistake, because someone made something somewhere at some time who did this on purpose, so now your job becomes to make it work and challenge your creative skills. I decided to just work with the worn look and position the flowers strategically to cover any harsh spots, and I actually think it turned out better than it would have if I had done it “properly”. Case and point!

IMG_2939Lesson 2: Know when it’s done and when it’s good enough

Ever look at a card and think, “something’s missing” or “it just doesn’t look complete”? I do this more often than not, and I can sit there for sometimes half an hour playing with different options and trying to make it perfect. In the end, however, I usually discover that it wasn’t missing anything and it was all just in my head.

Solutions to this internal dilemma: 1. Ask a friend or family member what they think, because they’ll usually tell you that it looks great and doesn’t seem incomplete in any way, or 2. Walk away from it for at least an hour, do something else and don’t think about it, and then come back to it with fresh eyes and a calm brain; you’ll most likely realize you were over-thinking it. I had to employ the first strategy for this card, and as soon as my sister told me it looked good as is, I realized my concern was unwarranted and decided the card was complete.

IMG_2940Lesson 3: Plan it out

Some people can just start making the card and it will turn out, but I am not one of those people, so this is definitely a personal strategy that might apply to some of you. I start with the stamp set, and then move systematically through colour schemes, paper, ribbon, and accents until I have the whole card drafted. It isn’t until I have it all laid out and am happy with it that I begin adhering everything together. This is what I have learned produces crafts that I am most happy with and proud of, so it is the strategy that I use every time now. I admire those of you that can just go for it and end up with a beautiful product, but unfortunately mine tend to look like a grade-school project when I do that, so I have had to adjust accordingly. Nothing wrong with that, though, I’d say. =)

So there you have it. Hopefully you learned a little something or can use these cards for some inspiration. Whatever the case, I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day and happy dilettante-ing!


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