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Newspaper Wrapping – the Right Way

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We all know that thing men do. At the very last minute they take a gift and roll it up in newspaper, maybe adding a bow if we’re lucky, and then hand it off to the recipient with that “it’s wrapped, what more do you want” attitude. And I mean I don’t blame them, they probably have much better things they’d rather be doing than taking a half hour to dress up a present for that 10 seconds before someone rips it all off.

However, in light of Father’s Day, and perhaps for those of you who have yet to wrap those gifts, I thought it would be neat to pay a little homage to this cliche behaviour – the classy way of course.



I actually love wrapping things with newspaper because it has such an organic feel to it, much like the twine, leather and branches that accompany the gifts. It’s all about creating a theme around your favourite man that speaks to who he is but that shows how much you care!

Even the little things like crafted tags, which I think has a sort of feminine quality about them, I substituted for tag “blocks” that just slide under your accents and have a no-fuss feel, perhaps much like your dad.


These gift-wrappings were incredibly easy and simple to put together, but I think they have a very special quality about them too, don’t you?

I’m hoping they will also get a little chuckle as people realize the irony in it, but ultimately it looks good and followed the essence of Father’s Day:  it’s all about them!

I hope you all take time to thank your father, grandfathers, uncles, or brothers for all that they do for you, and if you celebrate them with a little gift, why not wrap it in newspaper? =)

Happy dilettante-ing!



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