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My Summer Must-Read & Ideal Relaxation

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IMG_3554Hello dilettantes! How has your summer been so far? I realize I haven’t posted in two weeks and I apologize for the lack of a heads up, but I was celebrating my birthday last weekend and actually wasn’t even in town. And while we’re on the topic, I have also decided that for the rest of summer I will only be posting once every two weeks. It makes me a little sad to think that I won’t be able to connect with you guys every weekend, but full-time work and busy summer weekends have made it difficult to keep up. But I figure that now each post will be extra awesome because I’ll have more time to make it so!

Anyway, today is such a hot, sunny day here that I thought it was time to introduce you to my ultimate summer relaxation. Of course playing volleyball at the beach or mountain biking at Whistler (which I fell in love with after trying it for the first time a few weekends ago!) are some of the best summer activities, but I’m talking about when you’re alone at home and  looking for some valuable R&R.

It’s very simple: grab your favourite book (read on to hear about mine), your favourite drink, slather on the sunscreen, and go outside and enjoy the summer weather! Sunshine just has this happy effect on me, as I think it does on most people, so when it’s here it seems wrong to be cooped up inside. And more and more people are always so busy and stressed in today’s fast-paced society, so the best part is that once you’re done your reading session, I guarantee you’ll feel stress-free, rejuvenated, and perfectly sun-kissed. =)

IMG_3562The first step is finding that good book. And boy have I found it! I’m only partway through it, but from what I’ve read so far Adria Vasil couldn’t have done a better job with Ecoholic Body. To be clear, this is not a novel (I have stacks of those still awaiting the day they will be opened and read) but is more of a handbook to healthy, clean living for your body. I could explain all the awesome details about how it covers every topic related your body, gives you the scoop on the shortcomings of the commercial industry, and provides you with the knowledge and product reviews on how to make ethical and safe product choices, but you should really just go buy the book and see for yourself!

Ecoholic Body is chalked full of so many useful tips and tricks that I bought little post-it tabs to mark pages that I wanted to refer back to later. I can’t say enough about this book, and the best part is that she has two more books, her original Ecoholic and the home-focused Ecoholic Home, both of which I plan on purchasing as soon as I’m done this one. You can purchase all of these books through Chapters.IMG_3549

Because all of your reading will be taking place in the sun (as my relaxation guide stipulates) you NEED to make sure you’re applying enough sunscreen. Of course it would be safer to just read in the shade, which I also recommend, but I love soaking in the rays and being able to tan a bit. So for all you other sun-lovers, keep your ‘screen handy and sufficient. As testament to how much I love my current read, I have just bought one of the book’s recommended sunscreens. Green Beaver SPF 30 sunscreen is certified organic and free of all of the awful chemicals found in virtually every commercial sunscreen on the market (yes, even your favourite go-to sunblock). If it has oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, parabens, or PEGs, you’re doing your body a lot of harm. Luckily, I found Green Beaver at my local London Drugs, so it’s easy-to-find, convenient, and good for you!

Once I’ve protected myself from the sun, I just grab my infused water, head into my back yard and start reading. Now I realize not everybody has a giant backyard in the country – which I feel so very fortunate to have! – that they can just step outside to and enjoy. But your local park will do just fine. =) The main thing is that you get outside, get some fresh air, and take some time for yourself and enjoy summer.

What are your favourite ways to get in some summer relaxation? Let me know!



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