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Image Cards for Welcoming Baby

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Hello fellow dilettantes! Surprised to see me? I know it’s been far too long since my last post, especially since I had just talked about re-working my timing to fit with my new work schedule. But I am back now and ready to cook, craft, read, create, and blog about it all!

So my supervisor just recently came back from a three-week paternal leave after his wife had a gorgeous little baby girl. There is also another woman in the office who is currently on maternal leave and brings in her baby once and a while. Plus I have been seeing cute little guys and gals everywhere lately for some reason, so a post about babies just seemed to be calling out to me.

I wanted to give a little something to my supervisor when he returned, but a classic card just seemed too, well, predictable. So I did some research and came across this great idea to make image cards, and what’s better for a baby card than a cute little onesie and a baby elephant?!

Now here’s the thing: I am a half-decent drawer if I have something to look off of and replicate, but I am hopeless at drawing the same thing twice, so creating a symmetrical card posed a challenge. Luckily, I happened to remember a neat trick I learned in elementary school which makes exact copies of drawings, so that’s what I used and I will share it with all of you!

cutout 1-2

1) Fold your paper in half and crease it, then draw your picture on one half of the paper using a pencil.

2) Fold the paper over and trace over your drawing that you can see through the layer beneath.

cutout 3-4

3) Unfold the paper again to your original drawing.

4) Trace over the second drawing so you now have a reflection of your image across from your original.

cutout 5-6

5) Cut out both images in one piece and you have your template!

6) Trace your template onto a piece of card-stock in your desired colour and there’s your card! Keep the template in a safe, dry place so you can pull it out and use it whenever you want.



Decorate your card, write a sweet note, then give it to your recipient and watch their smiles. =) Everyone loves the extra touch that comes with a homemade card, but creating a card in the shape of an image is just that little extra something.

Has anyone made image cards before? Please share!


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