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Mason Jar Lunches

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Hey fellow dilettantes! Can you believe we’re entering into our last week of summer vacation?! For me, this summer has seemed to be the fastest one yet, probably because my co-op job has taken up 90% of my life for the past 15 weeks. This upcoming week will also be my last week of co-op, and with projects to finish up and things to get in line, I don’t want to have to worry about the little things, i.e. making my lunch in the morning when my eyes are still half-closed.

I saw this awesome pin on Pinterest from the Daily Muse that had the genius idea to make salads and put them in mason jars and have pre-made lunches for the week – just what I need! So I went and picked up a whack of fresh veggies, poured myself a glass of Perrier with lemon slices, and got to making my mason jar lunches.


You can make whichever favourite salad you have in your repertoire , but if you need any inspiration I’ve got my recipes below. Happy lunching!

Mediterranean Salad

Pasta Salad

Strawberry Pecan Salad Quinoa Salad


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