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Your Ultimate Green Power Smoothie

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So I know I did a thorough smoothie post a while back, but in light of recent information that I learned I thought it was necessary to follow up with an additional post. Because fruit smoothies are so high in sugar content, having them in the morning when your body hasn’t expended much energy yet means that they will spike your sugar levels, and all of the excess can get stored as glycogen, which is harder to use and burn off later.

What that means is that fruit smoothies are great to  fuel your body mid-day when your body is working and needs the energy. In the morning, however, you should be consuming protein (which provides your body with slow-releasing energy over a longer period of time) and lots of essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why I’ve  followed up and made an ultimate green power smoothie that does all this and packs a delicious taste that you wouldn’t expect from such a healthy drink!


I left out some beneficial ingredients such as garlic (which boasts a host of health benefits including cancer prevention and heart health) for the sake of taste, but I encourage you to venture into über-health territory if you dare and experiment and throw in as many health-boosting ingredients as you can.

Green Power Smoothie Recipe

Drink one of these every morning and you’ll be ready for your day, or whip it up after your workout to refuel your body, or drink it really whenever you want. =) I had wanted to come up with a green smoothie recipe for what seems like forever, so I’m so excited to have finally landed a delicious one with so many great ingredients. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Happy dilettanting!


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