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Happy Turkey Day! Are you all too stuffed to move? Or so exhausted from cooking that looking at one more yam might just make you cry? Well congratulations, you’ve almost made it through the holiday weekend, but before you wrap things up don’t forget to remember what the season is all about…

While stuffing my cheeks full of delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie is always a good time, my favourite part of Thanksgiving is the changing season. Waking up to a morning frost and driving along the road kicking up a small flurry of leaves gives me such a content feeling. It also means that winter is on its way, which means snowboarding season begins, so I have much to feel excited about.

But before I get ahead of myself (which I have a tendency of doing), for now it’s time to focus on everything I have been blessed with in my life.


I live in a beautiful province surrounded by so much love from family and friends; I have a great new job that I am excited about (officially now a Starbucks barista!); I have the privilege of attending university and studying what I love; and I have been on so many adventures already and can’t stop thinking about all the adventures I plan on having in the future.

I think many of us often forget how incredible and frankly undeserving our lives are. There are so many who live on so much less, and yet the most amazing part is that these people are often happier than we are!

We have been taught to expect so much from life and to find happiness in material things that can never truly satisfy that elusive “thing” we feel is missing in our lives. Our wealth is not defined by our health and personal well-being, but rather by the number of things we own and the lifestyle we live.


Changing the way we have been moulded since birth might seem like an improbable, if not impossible, task, but at least for today we can gather up our modesty and be thankful for all the blessings we’ve received and the happiness we have found in the simple things.

I hope you all take a few minutes to think about what you are thankful for today. My psychology professor even told our class that studies have shown that thinking about what makes us happy or thankful improves both our mood and outlook – so do it for your own good!

Oh, and as you can see I made a card for the holidays too. =) I plan on giving it to my boyfriend’s mom along with the flowers to say thank you for all that she has touched my life with.

Happy Thanksgiving dilettantes!


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