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Operation Christmas Child Party and Holiday Season Kick-off

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From The Runaway Dilettante to you: welcome to the Christmas season! That means holiday posts, holiday baking, Christmas parties, Christmas decorating, holiday music, everything! I’m smiling even as I write this – I truly sometimes believe I belong in Dr. Seuss’s Whoville.

You might have also noticed that The Runaway Dilettante has had a makeover! I thought this was a good way to kick off this awesome phase of posts, so now the site has a fresh new look to go along with fresh festive posts. =)

My room has been decorated for a good week now (and my playlist was loaded with Christmas music well before then), but my first real Christmas activity was hosting an Operation Christmas Child shoebox-packing party.


I’ve wanted to do this for years now but the date always slipped by, so I was so excited to finally have put it together this year. I tend to get so involved with holiday traditions that I often don’t end up doing something actually worthwhile for the season (maybe some of you can relate), so sending a shoebox of gifts to a child in a developing country is certainly a highlight for me already.



Sitting around a table piled with toys, school supplies and basic necessities, snacking on snowman cookies and cranberry bars courtesy of Starbucks, and drinking mugs of hot chocolate was a perfect way to ease into the holidays. I only wish we could have packed more shoeboxes, but ten is a good start I suppose.

I even made up little “About Me” pages that we put in the boxes so the child could know a little bit about where their gift came from! In case you host your own shoebox party next year, here’s the printable for you!


Are you all excited for the holidays?! Are you looking forward to any special traditions that fall around this time of year? I have oh-so-many, but I won’t spoil them yet and you can see them all as I write about them over the next month. =)

I can’t wait to share this Christmas season with you! And this is the perfect time to delve into all of your hobbies and crafts and party-planning and decorating and baking: the true dilettante style.

Christmas was just made for us it appears.


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