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Crafting Your Own Christmas Decor

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One of my favourite parts of Christmas is breaking out the Christmas paper and stamp sets and spending hours in the crafting room with my snowman mug of  tea working on different projects. The frames above are one of my best-loved projects, and decorating candles is great because it doesn’t take much time and yet it makes a big impact.

When doing a project that involves multiple pieces, I think the key is making each one different and unique but making sure to keep a consistent theme that ties them together. I did it here with the words and the silver frames, but it can also be done with colour schemes, ribbon, a stamp set, paper, anything really!


I’ve always thought candles amp up the holiday atmosphere. If you’re hosting a dinner party,  just light a few candles and the elegance and warmth is amplified ten-fold. Unfortunately with crafted candles, lighting them is not an option (at least not a safe one), but I think even having them in the room still gives that warm and festive feeling.

A super simple way to decorate a candle is to create a thin band and then attach a tag to it, but you can get super creative with layers and accents too!

Do you have a favourite holiday craft dilettantes? I hope your Christmas season is going wonderfully!


One thought on “Crafting Your Own Christmas Decor

  1. Beautiful crafts! I wish I’d seen these when I was doing my Christmas craft roundup. Those candles are insanely cool.

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