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Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks!

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Merry Christmas! I may not get to say that before the real day so here’s to holiday cheer and time spent with family and friends. And stomach aches from too much food – can’t forget that.

I thought that this year I was finally one of those people who was very organized and had all of their shopping done well before Christmas, but alas I still ended up running to the mall today and navigating through the chaos to pick up a last minute gift. At least I wasn’t like the one lady I saw literally running up and down the aisle with her cart!

My next challenge was wrapping all of my gifts, and I say challenge in the best way because I absolutely love gift wrapping. But there are always those stubborn gifts that are difficult to wrap or make look pretty, so I’ve compiled my top five wrapping tricks to hopefully assist in some of your last-minute wrapping!

Tip One: The Double Bow

Tying a gift with ribbon adds a finishing special touch, but just doing a simple shoelace bow-tie can look a little feeble. Fix that by simply tying another bow-tie knot on top of your first one to turn it into a double bow! Using ribbon with wire in it helps a lot in rearranging your bow afterwards to make it look seamless.


Tip Two: Going Ribbon-less

Ran out of ribbon for that last gift? Or don’t want to shell out the dollars for that red satin stuff? Substitute your ribbon with a simple band of kraft or other plain paper, add some embellishments and write your tag on it and voila! Your gift looks just as complete.


Tip Three: Those Awkward-Sized Gifts

Trying to wrap that toy train engine but don’t want to just throw it in a bag? Have no fear. I had the same problem with some shirts I bought for my brother, but here’s what I did: Wrap them in tissue paper, then grab your favourite wrapping paper and simply bundle your gifts in it and tie it with ribbon. I call it the wonton wrap. =)



Tip Four: Deck the Giftbag

Sometimes using a giftbag is just easier, especially when I’m in a rush. But as convenient as it is, I always feel like it doesn’t have any special or personal touch. Adding ribbon around the bag and an over-sized tag is a quick fix that spruces up your wrapping in no time at all!


Tip Five: Multi-Piece Gifts

If you created an ensemble of gifts like I did for my man, it can again be easy just to put it all in a giftbag, but that would be a waste of such a wonderful wrapping opportunity! Instead, wrap each gift separately in differently-sized cardboard boxes (like the ones store clerks offer you when you buy clothing as a gift) and tie it all together with some ribbon. It makes it extra special because each gift gives your recipient that excitement and surprise!


Good luck with all your gift wrapping dilettantes, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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