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Crafting Your Own Christmas Decor

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One of my favourite parts of Christmas is breaking out the Christmas paper and stamp sets and spending hours in the crafting room with my snowman mug of  tea working on different projects. The frames above are one of my best-loved projects, and decorating candles is great because it doesn’t take much time and yet it makes a big impact. Continue reading


Thrift Stop: Homemade Toners

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After reading this post, hopefully you will have felt like you’ve had a mini revelation, or at least can sense the cash you’ll be saving and feel the delight from the  toxins you’ll be saving your skin from. That’s right, I’m here to address that second step of every good facial routine: toner.

This post is all about debunking the myths, empowering the DIY-er in you, and putting some money back into your bank account (a fair bit, actually).

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It’s Fascinator Time – DIY

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flower show

Hello all! So I had a neat experience yesterday: I was modelling hats and fascinators with my best friend Danielle Scheven (she has her own blog on her entrepreneurial musings, you know – check it out here!) at our annual community flower show (yes, we have an event all about flowers – welcome to the country). I got to see and wear some gorgeous head-wear,  and well it inspired me! So I headed to the nearest Michaels afterwards to buy the materials to make my own fascinator!

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Something New from Something Old

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When my parents came into possession of some old barn windows a few years back, I immediately laid claim to two of them because I knew I wanted to do something artsy with them. Their rustic and tarnished look had so much character; I could just see them nestled into barn walls as tractors drove by and horses nibbled on hay in the countryside. So much inspiration, yet what to make of them? Continue reading