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Baby Steps to Going Organic: Is it Really Worth the Cost?

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Despite the conflicting messages we are often exposed to about fitness and food, this much is clear: exercising and eating clean go hand-in-hand in working towards a healthy lifestyle. I think for many people, including myself, eating well is fine and dandy, but it usually falls by the wayside when schedules get busy, and it can carry with it particularly stubborn habits that are hard to break.

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Your Ultimate Green Power Smoothie

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So I know I did a thorough smoothie post a while back, but in light of recent information that I learned I thought it was necessary to follow up with an additional post. Because fruit smoothies are so high in sugar content, having them in the morning when your body hasn’t expended much energy yet means that they will spike your sugar levels, and all of the excess can get stored as glycogen, which is harder to use and burn off later. Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream Rosette Frosting



Hello dilettantes!

Welcome back to the school year! I finished my first week and I’m so glad to be back: I think it’s going to be a great semester. This strawberry shortcake recipe is a perfect way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the next chapter (i.e. who really needs an excuse to bake a cake?!). Continue reading

Mason Jar Lunches

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Hey fellow dilettantes! Can you believe we’re entering into our last week of summer vacation?! For me, this summer has seemed to be the fastest one yet, probably because my co-op job has taken up 90% of my life for the past 15 weeks. This upcoming week will also be my last week of co-op, and with projects to finish up and things to get in line, I don’t want to have to worry about the little things, i.e. making my lunch in the morning when my eyes are still half-closed. Continue reading

Lettuce Wrap Goodness

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Welcome to summer! I know that was already nine days ago, but the weather here was so disappointing (and by that I mean rainy and cold) that I couldn’t bring myself to accept that the season had arrived. ┬áBut yesterday and today have been so hot and sunny! So now I will say it is summer.

With the hot weather, it’s nice to be able to make a cold meal instead of a hot one, plus I’ve always wanted to try making lettuce wraps, so I finally decided to do it. Continue reading

Rethinking the Energy Bar



When I started to work out on a regular basis a couple of years ago, I wanted to fuel up beforehand so I could perform the best that I could. The simplest answer to me was energy bars, so I went to the local grocery store and picked some up. I definitely noticed the energy boost that they gave me, but I’ve also learned a lot since then and so now I want to unravel some of the truth behind energy bars. Continue reading

Classics, Recalibrated: Better Sweet Treats

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First off, I owe all of you lovely people an incredible apology for the missing post last week. I don’t want to make excuses, but the truth is I had such a busy weekend and before you knew it it was Monday and oh my goodness I forgot to post! I was pretty choked myself, like I had tainted something special by breaking the pattern, so needless to say I have some major sucking up to do to you guys. Continue reading