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Classics, Recalibrated: Better Sweet Treats

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First off, I owe all of you lovely people an incredible apology for the missing post last week. I don’t want to make excuses, but the truth is I had such a busy weekend and before you knew it it was Monday and oh my goodness I forgot to post! I was pretty choked myself, like I had tainted something special by breaking the pattern, so needless to say I have some major sucking up to do to you guys. Continue reading

Classics, Recalibrated: Portobello Pizzas!

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Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. These healthy takes on the classic pizza ¬†are DE-LIC-IOUS, and I’m already thinking about making them again tonight. The mushrooms act like a perfect crust while providing that delicious meaty flavour, and they don’t give you that stuffed, that-crust-was-too-thick feeling that pizza sometimes does.

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The Better and Badder Cauliflower “Mac-and-Cheese”



Hello there! Hope you all had a good post-Easter week. After filling up on all of those Easter dinners, I figured this was a good time to tone things back to some lighter, simple eating with this week’s amazing recipe for mac-and-cheese – the cauliflower way. Continue reading

The Healthy Cookie – and it’s Delicious!

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IMG_2327Now I know what you’re thinking, a healthy version of anything yummy typically means bland and unsweetened and nothing anybody would want to eat by choice. I’d have to say I agree as well, but when I came across a 3-ingredient healthy cookie recipe I had to be optimistic. While it was certainly edible and definitely healthy, I found myself struggling to finish the second cookie because it was so basic and, to be honest, tasteless. I thought to myself, there has to be a way to make healthy treats delicious, and so I set out to do just that, to make a cookie that people would actually want to eat.

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