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Happy Turkey Day! Are you all too stuffed to move? Or so exhausted from cooking that looking at one more yam might just make you cry? Well congratulations, you’ve almost made it through the holiday weekend, but before you wrap things up don’t forget to remember what the season is all about…

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The Best Gift You Can Give: Scrapbook Memories

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I know that this was supposed to be up on Sunday, but I was face down in my books for the last four days. Now that I have some free time, however, I can connect with you all again. Better late than never right? I like to think so.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated the fourth year anniversary of our relationship. I would not have imagined that I would be holding hands with the same man- who happens to be my first boyfriend – since high school, but he has filled my life with so much happiness and love that I couldn’t imagine holding hands with anyone else. Sappy, I know. Continue reading