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Thrift Stop: Homemade Toners

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After reading this post, hopefully you will have felt like you’ve had a mini revelation, or at least can sense the cash you’ll be saving and feel the delight from the ¬†toxins you’ll be saving your skin from. That’s right, I’m here to address that second step of every good facial routine: toner.

This post is all about debunking the myths, empowering the DIY-er in you, and putting some money back into your bank account (a fair bit, actually).

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Lettuce Wrap Goodness

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Welcome to summer! I know that was already nine days ago, but the weather here was so disappointing (and by that I mean rainy and cold) that I couldn’t bring myself to accept that the season had arrived. ¬†But yesterday and today have been so hot and sunny! So now I will say it is summer.

With the hot weather, it’s nice to be able to make a cold meal instead of a hot one, plus I’ve always wanted to try making lettuce wraps, so I finally decided to do it. Continue reading