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My Summer Must-Read & Ideal Relaxation

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IMG_3554Hello dilettantes! How has your summer been so far? I realize I haven’t posted in two weeks and I apologize for the lack of a heads up, but I was celebrating my birthday last weekend and actually wasn’t even in town. And while we’re on the topic, I have also decided that for the rest of summer I will only be posting once every two weeks. It makes me a little sad to think that I won’t be able to connect with you guys every weekend, but full-time work and busy summer weekends have made it difficult to keep up. But I figure that now each post will be extra awesome because I’ll have more time to make it so!

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My Reading Break Pledge


wet phone

If, like me, you’re in the dark on what to do with a wet cellphone, this picture will link you to the wikiHow 12-step solution to saving your mobile device!

Hello again! How was all of your weeks? I hope it was a little better than mine. In a rush to get to my class on Tuesday, I left my common sense at home and may have dropped my phone in a toilet. Yup, that was as embarrassing to say as I feared it would be, nonetheless it is unfortunately true. Continue reading